May marks the month when we celebrate a very special woman: Mom! As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, take the time to honor Mom’s ongoing love and support with engaging and creative Mother’s Day writing activities. Use our Mother’s Day word list to lead any of these writing activities!

  • Mom Coupons  – These coupons are not your typical 50% off or “buy one get one free” promotion. Instead, they are redeemable for a set of actions. Students simply grab a piece of paper and a pencil to jot down something like, “One free hug.” This activity gives students the opportunity to be creative gift givers.
  • Writing Recipe – Who is made up of a cup of love and a dash of hugs? That’s mom! Students can think of adjectives that describe dear mom and come up with a recipe to describe their loved one!
  • Mom Magazine – Pen a  “magazine” all about mom. This activity is great for students of any grade, including kindergarteners who can complete simple sentences on a page with the help of a teacher’s template. The magazine can include fun facts such as mom’s job, mom’s favorite color, and mom’s favorite food. Students can be both the authors and illustrators of their mom magazine as they draw and design the front cover.
  • Mother’s Day Card– Show mom some love with a handmade card. Students can fill the card with kind words, pretty pictures, and even an acrostic poem.
  • Word Ladder – Word Ladders is a game that guides children to convert one word into another, making a sequence of words by, adding. subtracting, or rearranging one or more letters in the previous word. Help students create a word ladder or take a look at the following Mother’s Day Word Ladder! Find more Word Ladders by Dr. Tim Rasinski here.


A Mother’s Day Word Ladder

Start with Mother – the person we honor every Mothers’ Day

Mother – Take away 1 letter to make a word that means “someone or something else.”  “I like other kinds of candy besides lollipops.”

Other – Take away 2 letters to make a pronoun that refers to a female – woman or girl.

Her Add 1 letter to make a word that means “in this spot or place.”

Here – Add 1 letter to make a word that means “at another place, not here.”

There – Take away 2 letters to make a word that is placed before a noun.    “My mom was very pleased with the flowers we gave her for Mothers’ Day.”

The Change 1 letter to make one of 5 appendages found on a person’s foot.

Toe – Add 1 letter to make a word that refers to the vocal quality of a person’s voice.    “The tone of my mother’s voice was very joyful when we surprised her by making breakfast.”

Tone – Take away 1 letter to make a word that means 2,000 pounds.

Ton – Change 1 letter to make a word that is the shortened form of Thomas.

Tom – Change 1 letter to make another word for Mother.



Five Fun Mother’s Day Writing Activities

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