Early Elementary Science

It can be tempting to consider a K-5 or K-12 science program for your school–a single purchase would cover the science curriculum for many grade levels, or even your entire student body.

The problem with applying a single program to a wide range of students, is that the students are in different developmental stages and have varying learning levels. A one-size-fits-all program cannot address the needs of students at each stage or level, and so it cannot offer the most effective learning solution.

Your younger learners in K-2 occupy a distinct developmental stage, and the quality of education they receive in these grades can have a profound impact on their academic careers. If students don’t receive a strong early foundation in science, research shows that their performance may continue to suffer.

Of the students who had low levels of science knowledge in kindergarten, 62% struggled with science in third grade, and 54% struggled with science in eighth grade.

– Educational Researcher (2016)

Considering the importance of early science instruction, it makes sense to choose a program that directly addresses the way in which young students think and learn.

Drawing upon research-based methods, Science4Us presents science content in a way that makes sense to K-2 learners, and helps them grow into confident, motivated, and knowledgeable students of science.

Real-World Experiments

K-2 students learn best when they get to actively construct their understanding through experience and exploration. The inquiry-based nature of Science4Us provides continued opportunities for discovery and meaningful learning. Built on Roger Bybee’s 5E Model, our program taps into young students’ natural curiosity to drive their desire to learn science concepts. As they progress through a lesson, they encounter a rich learning environment that includes hands-on experiences, multiple modalities and repeated opportunities for reinforcement and formative assessment.

Teach science while building math, literacy, and engineering skills

Major expectations are put upon K-2 teachers to develop strong math and literacy skills in their students. This can leave teachers struggling to find time in the school day for science. That’s why Science4Us offers a science program that incorporates math and literacy into every lesson. Teachers save time by providing science instruction while fostering a wide range of academic skills, from reading and writing to abstract thinking and quantitative reasoning.

Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

A defining characteristic of the K-2 developmental stage is the need for active and engaging learning. With Science4Us, students get involved in learning through activities ranging from games, stories, logic problems, puzzles, and virtual investigations, to real-world experiments. These activities were designed to make K-2 benchmarks fun for students, and present science concepts in a way that challenges young learners without overwhelming them. A full lesson can be completed in 30 minutes so that it easily fits into the K-2 instructional day.

When Science4Us is put into action, schools get results. The Principal at Cypress Elementary in Pompano Beach, FL, Vanessa Schnur, has watched her school improve science scores and make great strides with Science4Us. As she explains,

“My students need to start science early to prepare for later grades. Science4Us gives them that foundation for science that they need. It’s also an avenue for critical thinking and problem-solving, skills they can apply across all domains.”

– Vanessa Schnur, Principal of Cypress Elementary, Pompano Beach, FL

The research into early science education conveys a clear message: Schools must start science early in order to provide the foundation students need to achieve success in the 3-5 testing grades and beyond. The most effective start in science is one that caters to young students’ particular developmental level and learning styles. With Science4Us, you will give your students the foundation they need to tackle science with confidence and achieve academic success.

Invest in a Science Solution for Early Learners

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