It’s back to school time and we have just given our users an upgraded experience in terms of how they work with their lists.  We’re eager for feedback.

Actually, we’re pretty sure what we are going to hear since we ran extensive user tests this summer and our users really liked it.  I guess we are just eager for the new school year to start having now spent 6 months developing new materials and tools for our users.  Here’s what’s new on the tools side.

On my next post, I’ll review the new and old learning activities.

First of all, we now properly present all the ways that users can get lists into their account.

  1. Import Reading Series lists from popular publishers
  2. Import lists from other teachers and parents
  3. Create your own lists
  4. Allow students to create lists*
  5. Create Review Lists from students’ test results*
  6. Import lists from VocabularySpellingCity’s Teaching Resources 
Secondly, we upgraded the look, feel, and usability of the List Management functionality. Here it is:
List Management by SpellingCity
Thirdly, we started revising all of our help and informational videos.  We have rebuilt our Video-FAQs resources  to include a proper user training section.  Here is the first video that was finished which is a 70 second summary of what members get with their Premium Membership.
User Training

User Training

Training Videos

Training Videos

List Management: New & Improved for 2015-16 School Year

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