I love visiting elementary school classrooms and when I do,  I check out the environment.

Every classroom now seems to post the educational goals for the week.

They post for each subject.

They post at four depths of knowledge.

And teachers and even students seem to refer to it.

I like that this enlists the student in understanding what they are aspiring to learn.

Frankly, I don’t like how often I hear teachers refer to these standards as important because of the test.

Here’s a chart that I particularly like ( I found it in a tweet by  a teacher – Joseph Brassington – @jjbrassington –  who added the display around the wheel by thisisbalance.co.uk or @balance_edu)

So, a few questions:

Do you post every week? How many subjects and just the standard or a four depths of proficiency regarding the standard?

Do you do it because you believe in it or because it’s mandated?

How do you discuss the standards with the students? How do the students react?

And most importantly, please share a picture of how the standards appear in your classroom under #picstds .


While there’s been a lot of talk of furniture arrangement, there’s another change that I see everywhere that doesn’t seem to get any discussion: the posting the week’s educational goals.


Posting Educational Standards

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