Halloween isn’t only about candy, costumes, and cauldrons. Scare up some learning this spooky season with these Halloween activities!

Literacy Fright Night – Host a Halloween-themed literacy night at your school and invite students’ families. Each teacher can showcase students’ work or organize a student performance based on a particular literacy skill. For example, have students demonstrate action-packed words by performing action verbs in their superhero gear. If you worry your students may not have access to costumes, organize a school fundraiser to collect donations. This is a great way to increase family involvement and get students excited about learning! 

Participating at a local school’s back-to-school literacy night. 

Characters Come Alive – Lead a lesson on character traits, then ask students to dress up as their favorite book character. Students present as their character, giving a detailed description of who they are.

BOO-k Report – Assign a twist on the typical book report in which students use a pumpkin to display the book they read. Students can decorate the pumpkin to resemble the book title or a book character. Later, students can present the story elements of their book, like the characters, setting, and problem and solution.

Compound Word Costumes – Follow a lesson on compound words by having students conjure up compound word costumes. Students can dress up as a butterfly, a starfish, a sunflower, a scarecrow, a cowboy, or any other compound word. You can also ask students to create a compound word coat, embellished with objects that are compound words. Not only will students have fun hunting for compound word toys and artifacts, but they’ll continue to build their knowledge of compound words.


At one school, students were asked to wear one hundred compound words.

What are some spooktacular lessons and activities you do in your classroom?

Succeed in School with Spooktacular Halloween Activities

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