Efficacy Study: Help Students Build Reading Comprehension

An independent efficacy study shows that VocabularySpellingCity has a measurable and significant impact on reading comprehension and vocabulary retention. Key findings:

  • A 43% increase in vocabulary retention scores
  • A 21.5% increase in reading comprehension for native English speakers
  • A 46.5% increase in reading comprehension for ELL/ESL students

Educators researching best practices in reading fluency and future academic success for early learners find that 70% of reading comprehension problems stem from limited vocabulary.*

The study, conducted by McREL International at a Title I elementary school, examined the effect of a high-fidelity implementation of VocabularySpellingCity. It found practicing with VocabularySpellingCity games and activities significantly improved retention.

*Source: National Reading Council


40+ engaging activities

Students can learn independently with immediate feedback during activities. They hear, say, write, break down, and play with vocabulary, high frequency, and developmental spelling words.