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In MatchIt Sentences, students match words from their spelling and vocabulary word lists with contextually correct sentences.

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Note: Although this activity is designed for the grade levels above, it can also be used as a remediation or enrichment activity at any grade level with an appropriate word list.

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Building Literacy

  • Vocabulary
  • Logic
  • Reasoning Skills

What? In order to comprehend a text, students must be able to understand vocabulary in context. More...Less

Vocabulary lesson plans should always include practice for students to use and see words in context. Research shows that the relationship between reading comprehension and vocabulary is very strong, and students who have better vocabulary knowledge have better comprehension. The ability to understand words in context correlates to both reading and language arts standards.

When? Students benefit from using and seeing vocabulary words in context in all subject areas. More...Less

Teachers must provide these opportunities both explicitly and with independent practice. Students in all grade levels, K-12, need to hear and see words used in context.

How to teach: To teach words in context, students must see and hear contextually rich sentences that provide strong clues about the vocabulary word being taught. More...Less

MatchIt Sentences is a learning activity that lets students hear and see their vocabulary words in contextually rich sentences. Teachers can assign this game during literacy centers or for homework.

Play to learn: In MatchIt Sentences, students must match the words to the right sentences. More...Less

Sentences are contextually rich and contain clues to the words. Incorrect matches are reset so students can try again until all words and sentences are matched correctly. This helps ensure that students leave the learning activity with correct information. MatchIt Sentences is excellent for building vocabulary skills. It also builds logic and reasoning skills by requiring students to find the best overall solution using a process of elimination. MatchIt Sentences is available as an online activity or as a printable worksheet.

Teaching Tip: MatchIt Sentences is perfect for introducing concepts at the beginning of a thematic unit or at the end of a unit for a review before an assessment. Let students create their word lists from their dashboard and then play MatchIt Sentences with the words they want to learn.

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