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Vocabulary TestMe provides students with the opportunity to take a vocabulary test independently and receive immediate feedback.

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What? Students at all grade levels come across unfamiliar words while reading literary or informational text. More...Less

Vocabulary study, therefore, is an essential component of the English language arts block, as well as content areas like science and social studies. K-12 Students need to be able to determine word meaning to better comprehend text at hand and to become better readers. Vocab tests are a great way to practice these words and retain meanings.

When? According to the ELA Common Core State Standards, students as early as kindergarten are expected to determine the meaning of unknown words in literature and content area text. More...Less

The focus of vocabulary study in elementary school is on building skills that determine word meaning, like identifying context clues and grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots. In middle and high school, students are expected to use vocabulary word knowledge in writing and to be able to decipher between inferred and non-literal nuances of language. VocabularySpellingCity acknowledges that vocabulary study is essential in grades K-12 and provides students with the opportunity to engage in vocabulary practice tests.

How to teach: Vocabulary TestMe can be used as a vocabulary pre-test. Teachers can assign Vocabulary TestMe at the beginning of the week to assess students’ prior word knowledge. More...Less

This learning activity may also be used as a practice vocab test for students during literacy centers or for homework. Students can identify words they have mastered and words they need to practice. Teachers may also use Vocabulary TestMe as a summative assessment at the end of a unit.

Play to learn: In Vocabulary TestMe, students have the opportunity to independently practice vocabulary terms. More...Less

A vocabulary definition appears at the top of the screen. The definition is read aloud for students. Students then choose the correct corresponding word. The answer choices can also be read aloud when the mouse is rolled over the word. Students receive their score after answering all questions. Students can view which words they defined correctly and incorrectly.

Teaching Tip: Vocabulary TestMe is perfect for K-12 teachers, including all subject area teachers. More...Less

This learning activity lends itself to both literary and content specific vocabulary and provides audio for early readers. By using Vocabulary TestMe as a pre-test, teachers can identify which terms need more review and then plan accordingly. If teachers use the interactive learning activity as a practice test, students and teachers can identify the words that need further practice. If students miss a particular word, the teacher can re-teach the word; VocabularySpellingCity can create a review list which teachers can reassign for additional practice so students can thrive on their next vocab test.

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