Which Letter Team?


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Which Letter Team? is a game in which students pick the digraph or trigraph that is missing from each word from a set of four choices.

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Note: Although this activity is designed for the grade levels above, it can also be used as a remediation or enrichment activity at any grade level with an appropriate word list.

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Building Literacy

  • Foundational Skills
  • Phonics

What? The ability to identify missing letters from a word is a skill students learn after they develop visual cues and an understanding of how phonemes (individual sounds) and graphemes (letters that make up those sounds) work together. More...Less

Identifying sounds in isolation is an important skill students need in order to learn how to decode and write words. In this activity, students will focus on vowel pairs consisting of two and sometimes three or more letters that make one sound.

When? As early as Kindergarten, students learn that each letter has a name and a sound that it makes. More...Less

Once they know that there are individual phonemes (sounds), they learn that there are graphemes (symbols) that correspond to those. They are then ready to decode individual sounds to read words. Once students know about the letters and the sounds they make, they can start learning the letters that vowels make when two or more are grouped together to form a letter team.

How to teach: Which Letter Team? can be used in a whole group setting to introduce and/or review words that have letter teams that make one sound. More...Less

The activity can be projected onto a whiteboard for an engaging interactive review game. Teachers can also assign Which Letter Team? for independent practice during literacy centers or for homework.

Play to learn: Which Letter Team? is a letter recognition game that provides students with the opportunity to figure out which letter team is missing from each word. More...Less

A word is presented with a missing letter team, and the students have to choose the teams of letters that correctly completes it. The students can listen to the word being read as many times as needed, and each letter is spoken aloud as well. Immediate feedback is provided, and students cannot move to the next word until they choose the correct missing letters.

Teaching Tip: Because of the audio component in this game, Which Letter Team? is a great activity for English Language Learners and students who struggle to grasp sounds within words.

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