Improve Kids’ Spelling & Vocabulary
with Learning Games!

Kids need to hear, read, pronounce, play with, and write words repeatedly in order to retain them in long-term memory. Engaging digital practice activities and motivational tools combine all of these strategies for learning.

Improve Kids Spelling Vocabulary With Learning Games
School Admins and School Teachers

For Teachers at School
Drive Effective Vocabulary Instruction

  • Easy-to-Use Tools for Teachers
  • Enables Differentiated Instruction
  • Online Student Portal With Multiple Built-In Incentives Engages and Motivates Students
  • Closes Gaps through Spaced & Repeated Practice
  • Supports Admins & Teachers
  • Prepares Students for Lifelong Learning
  • Simplifies assigning and sharing activities to students
  • Integrates With Other Learning A-Z Products and Instructional Resources

For Parents at Home & On the Go
Progress You Can See

  • Practice for Homework & Enrichment
  • Engaging Learning Activities
  • Activities for Every Level
  • Gameplay Makes Studying Fun
  • Independent Study & Self-Testing
  • Convenient Tools for Parents
  • Quickly Set Up Word Study Playlists
  • Accessible Anywhere
Parents and Homeschool

Learning Activities & Games
Proven to Increase Vocabulary Retention

Research proves that VocabularySpellingCity learning games in Vocabulary A-Z significantly impacts reading comprehension and vocabulary retention!

43% increase in vocabulary retention scores

21.5% increase in reading comprehension for native English speakers

46.5% increase in reading comprehension for ELL students

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