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Spelling TeachMe helps students learn and memorize spelling and vocabulary words.

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Building Literacy

  • Foundational Skills
  • Spelling

What? Spelling is the process of recognizing the relationships between sounds and letters, and how letters make up a word. More...Less

Once students understand these relationships, which increase in complexity as students move up through the grades, they learn to decode words. The ability to decode and encode words allows students to read fluently, learn vocabulary, comprehend what is being read and communicate effectively in writing. Students who do not understand these relationships struggle with fluency, phonics, comprehension and writing. Lesson plans for foundational spelling skills should include activities that allow students to practice and apply learned spelling patterns during reading and writing instruction.

When? Spelling instruction starts as soon as students recognize the relationships between letters and sounds. More...Less

Teachers begin explicit instruction with simple phonograms and build toward word families so students can make the connections between words that share common spelling patterns. As students learn more patterns, their ability to recognize and spell words grows. When students receive explicit instruction in spelling, begin to read grade appropriate text, and write using what they know about letter sounds and inventive spelling, they are able to apply what they have learned to read and write unfamiliar words.

How to teach: Spelling TeachMe can work well as an introduction to or as a review of spelling words. A teacher may project the activity on a whiteboard during whole group instruction to introduce words. Students can also use the activity to review words independently before a test.

Play to learn: In Spelling TeachMe, words are displayed on a notepad. More...Less

Students can click on each word to hear the word read and spelled aloud. The word will also be read in a sentence so students can hear it in context. The word is then read a second time.

Teaching Tip: Teachers can use Spelling TeachMe to introduce weekly spelling or vocabulary words. It is also a great way for English Language Learners to learn and practice the pronunciation of words.

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